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reese oliver is a dramatic and emotional photographer.

Creating documentary style images that make you feel.

I get it… You want gorgeous photos that don’t make you look like you’re at an 80’s prom.

You deserve a photographer who will guide you every step of the way.

From the initial phone call to the delivery of your wedding album….and as you build your little family, whatever that may look like.

…And I promise, the 80’s won’t come calling asking for their photos back.

His photos are more than just photos, he is an artist in every sense. Every photo he takes will tell a story. You’ll never regret hiring him, I promise!!

Rhonda Grace

Who am i?

I spend every weekend documenting and celebrating love. I’m something like a ninja-dressfluffer-humanwrangler-weatherman-counselor and photographer rolled into one. 

Always fueled by Red Bull, Dad jokes, and maybe 5 hours of sleep.