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My story

I’m Reese. A dog dad, Army veteran and lover of all things Mid Century.

When I'm not behind the camera I'm at the gym, planning my next adventure and taking photos of Olive being the cutest child (dog) on the planet!

I am an avid traveler and cannot wait to leave the country again. Some of my most favorite trips have been to Egypt, Paris and Ireland. Being Greek, I would being doing you a disservice if I didn't mention Greece.

When it comes to your day...

Planning your wedding is emotional and luckily there are very few scenarios I haven't navigated yet, as I have documented over 220 weddings in my career! Which means I can confidently guide you to your best day ever! The good news is most things can be turned into great stories with just a little time, I promise!! I'm a firm believer in you and your partner doing what is best for the two of you-whether that is 600 people in attendance or 6. The day is YOURS; remember that!
I will let you in on something very personal to me. My biggest regret in life.

Maybe that regret subconsciously kicked my ass into gear and pushed me to pick up a camera and become a wedding photographer.

I lost my best friend in 2016...I watched my Gramma take her last breath. That hurt, it still does, and the welling of tears in my eyes are real. Thankfully I got to spend more time with her in my childhood than anyone else besides my mom, so I have plenty of memories, yet at the same time, they will never be enough.

Before leaving for the Army I said I wanted professional photos taken with my Gramma, my mom, and myself in uniform. It never happened and it is all my fault. A 20 something-year-old kid thinking time is on his side and didn’t care to stop his life to coordinate this session and freeze that moment in time, forever.

Here is the silver lining in my mistake, which is my driving force behind being the best damn wedding photographer I can be, for you.

At her funeral, I saw her wedding album for the first time ever. Yellowed, smelling of a mid-century antique, but there she was, vibrant and smiling, alive. My gramma, immortalized in these wedding portraits, forever.

While you may not have your grandparents around anymore, one day, you may be the grandparents in a similar story.

I owe it to you, Queen Elizabeth (the nickname I gave her), and myself to ensure that your moments, your love, and your lives live on forever.


I believe that ALL love deserves to be protected, documented and preserved. That the most beautiful gift you can give to the future generations are your wedding memories. The intricate details you may forget as the years grow.

If I wasn’t so excited about you doing these pictures I’d have probably thrown in the towel and said fuck it, let’s hit the court house. You are the one thing that has made this wedding feel BRIDAL.

Rhonda Grace